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Payment Plans

We know that 9 months is not a lot when buying everything for a baby, that's why we use a Lay-a-way system where you can pay in installments and at the end of all the payments we will send you the item(s).

You can choose to pay weekly or monthly and there is no interest added at all and no credit checks, anybody can do it.

This Lay-a-way can be applied on all the items for sale.

We only ask you for a 20% deposit at the beginning and we will send you a contract via email for you to confirm that you are happy with the conditions.

Then after getting your confirmation you will get your first PayPal invoice to pay the deposit, once that is done, you will continue to receive invoices on the chosen dates to pay for the item(s) adding to the total amount.

Once it's been paid for you will get everything within 10 days arriving to your house or the local shop, your choice.

Embroidery Services

Who loves a personalised item? Everybody does. Having your baby's initials, name or their favourite character on a piece of clothing or their bed sheets can bring a smile to their face, just as a toy does, that's why we started personalising everything.

You can either embroider on our items or bring your own.

We offer embroidery services on everything, not just on baby items, any piece of fabric can be embroidered, bring your own or ask us if we can get it and we probably can.

Uniform Services/ Embroidered Logo - Ask us for a quote on this service by emailing us on or calling us on 01842 266 233.

We can provide you with the uniform too, just tell us exactly what you want and we will give a quote. Prices depends on quantities.

Painting Services

Let me introduce to Gina, an artist working with us to get items painted for you. She can do everything from painting pieces of clothing to paint a room or make canvas.

You let us know what you want and she will get it done.

You can either bring your own stuff to get painted or buy from us, just let us know

For a quote on these services please email us at

Baby payment plans layaway

Furniture Assembly

Assembling furniture can be daunting and a complete disaster sometimes. If you prefer for someone to do that for you we'll get a professional team sent out to you to get it done.

They will not just put everything together but they will also put the item where you want and get rid of the packaging.

The service including delivery costs £150 in total.

When you request this service we will get in contact with you and request time slot either in the morning or the afternoon and just make sure you're home and we will get it done for you. 

If you would like this please choose this service when making your purchase.

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