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Getting the right and best clothes for your baby

Choosing the right amount of clothes to buy for your baby as well as knowing what to dress them in is a daunting task. You have to think on how comfortable they are, the weather, what they are going to be doing all day and colour co-ordination. And what about that laundry?

Luckily we did some research and found the best clothing items you can buy to prepare for the arrival of your baby as well as keeping them dressed with style and helping you keep to budget.

Easy to dress

Let's get the facts straight, your baby hates being dressed, but we know they need to have something on, especially in those chilly days, so it's up to us to make the experience better for them.

Kimono Bodysuit w/ pants

Besides being cute, simple and cheap. These bodysuit are a breeze to dress on your baby. No tugging over the baby's head, they just open up the snaps along the side and wrap the bodysuit around your little one. This is great for many reasons, in the beginning they can't hold they're neck up and all we need is to open this up on a flat surface and put baby on top and snap the poppers on the side, plus babies hate things going over their head, they tend to hold their breath and cry a lot, especially in the beginning. Then it comes with elastic pants with feet to keep them warm at night or to simply wear around the house. To change baby's nappy all you need to do is remove the pants and open the two poppers at the bottom, no need to take everything off. At £7.99 each, it's a great bargain. A great addition to these is to have baby's name embroidered at £0.80 per letter for baby's first clothes ;)

Footed long sleeve Babygrow's

This is pretty much an essential. When it comes to babygrows choose thin ones in the spring/ summer time and warm, fluffy ones in autumn/ winter time. They can be worn inside and outside and baby's look amazing in them and feel extremely comfy. Try to pick the ones that either open up on the side or at the middle to make the experience of dressing up easier. With these you don't need to get a jacket, in case it's too cold outside, just have a blanket or a footmuff. Becareful with ones that have zips on them, they can get caught in baby's skin, Poppers are the best option. These are recommended until they start getting up, after that, footed clothes are not recommended because they can get slip on them. We love these warm babygrows and they have a price tag of £14.99.

One piece rompers

These rompers are easy to dress, super cute and can be used inside and outside. You can dress them starting from their legs by opening the poppers at the back and to change baby's nappy you just have to un-do the two poppers at the bottom. Easy as 1-2-3.

They cost an amazing £12.99 a piece.

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